Thermal Vacuum Process Technology

Thermal Vacuum Process Technology

Description of Products

With solar energy at the forefront of alternative energy initiatives around the world, companies in this industry need innovative, high-quality equipment to keep up with increasing global demand for photovoltaic cells. PVI's Thermal Diffusion Systems enable manufacturers to process various types of glass and metal substrates, one of the most critical processes in CIG/SE based solar cell manufacturing.

PVI's Thermal Diffusion Systems contain one or two horizontal process chambers fabricated from Quartz. The systems are designed and manufactured to have a high degree of reliability, safety, and flexibility for future system modifications. A gas cooling/recirculation system with an integral heat exchanger and a ballast tank is provided to assist with cooling the process chamber(s).

Multiple systems can be controlled from a common process control system that manages all aspects of the Thermal Diffusion Systems. Interlock protection is provided to protect the operator and system from over-temperature and other unsafe conditions. PVI provides process control software that has been developed and tested for CIG/SE based solar cell manufacturing.

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