Hot wall Retort Furnace

  • The Hot Wall Retort Furnace (HWRF) is designed as a dual-ended horizontal, cylindrical vacuum chamber.
  • The retort is designed to hold a variety of substrate support assemblies and gas distribution systems.
  • Designed and manufactured to have a high degree of reliability, safety, and flexibility.
  • 20 hot zones with independent thermocouples provide a high level of system performance and temperature control. Operating temperatures up to 1000˚C are achievable with excellent temperature uniformity.
  • Primary maintenance can be accomplished from each end of the retort and the sides of the support frame.
  • Both ends of HWRF have a 2-axis sliding door assemblies that are driven via electric motors, with limit switches and hard stops to allow safe door open/close operations.
  • Collar assemblies have all required ports for pressure monitoring, process gas flow, pumping, temperature measurement, venting, and auxiliary purposes.

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