Tube Assemblies

Heated Tube for Vapor Transport

Description of Products

Stainless steel heated tube assemblies from 4” - 18” diameter with tube connection lengths up to 240”. Vacuum jacketing, insulation and heated section options.

These products are used for vapor transport in the distillation of bulk quantities of metal-organic type liquids (TiCl4, SiCl4...etc) where vapor needs to be transported between different containment vessels.

The heated inner tube walls prevent condensation of vapor on the walls. Typical process reaction by-products such as MgCl vapor are transported using heated tube assemblies during the distillation process used to make titanium, silicon based materials and other metals.

Mechanical specifications

  • Inner tube size: 4” - 18” Dia
  • Outer jacket: Available with heaters, insulation and expansion joints for high temperature operation
  • Material: 304 / 316 SS
  • Length: up to 20’, length & configuration to suit customer requirements.
  • 45 degree and 90 degree elbow sections available as per customer requirements
  • End flange connections: 12”- 48” ASA type flanges, made from 304 SS

Electrical specifications

  • Heater assembly (installed on tube wall). Temperature range: up to 850C +/-10C
  • Heater power up 20 kW can be provided
  • Two, type K Thermocouples are provided to monitor tube wall temperature
  • 36V Power input via bolt type lug connection

Technology Statement

PVI designs and builds high quality equipment using proprietary engineering and manufacturing techniques. The equipment PVI builds meets or exceeds the highest quality standards in the world.

Our products include heated tube assemblies, vacuum furnaces, PVD equipment and custom made components for many manufacturing industries.

  • We offer a premium product with long service life
  • Excellent weld joint design and rigorous inspection of each part of the assembly allows PVI to offer a superior product for our customers worldwide

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