SAS - 100

Gen 3.5 Furnace

The SAS-100 Gen 3.5 thermal diffusion system contains a horizontal process chamber fabricated from opaque Quartz.

Process Chamber Characteristics:

  • Bell-jar type assembly with one end being formed in a domed shape.
  • Positioned in a secondary containment housing that mounts to the system support frame.
  • Includes dedicated dry vacuum pumps, gauges, and related equipment.
  • The SAS-100 Gen 3.5 system is designed and manufactured to have a high degree of reliability, safety, and flexibility for future system modifications.
  • The support frame & secondary containment housing that contains the Quartz chamber have been designed to be easily installed.
  • The system is designed to allow primary maintenance to be accomplished from each side of the system frame.

Heating Zone Characteristics:

  • Up to 20 heater zones encompass the outer diameter of the process chamber.
  • Heating zones are divided between the top & bottom sections of the chamber.
  • External heaters are inside of a secondary containment enclosure to protect them from damage and to provide protection to the operators.
  • Heaters cover the overall length process chamber in order to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the length of the hot zone.
  • Each zone has its own control thermocouple.
  • Heater zones can be configured as per customer requirements.

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