Vacuum Distillation Processing Equipment

Making Connections

Success in the world of high purity materials depends on the quality of the connection. Creating that connection is the heart of the process. It is the most complicated piece of the technology and means the difference between success or failure.


At PVI, we have been making that connection for years, where it has mattered the most. Our VDP equipment is used to transport various elemental or chemical "vapors” at high temperatures in order for a chemical reaction to occur under controlled conditions. PVI has been involved with every major project in Kroll process titanium or zirconium since the early 1990s. We have helped make the connections, keep the connections clean, and maintain the components.


Factory Automation

Our engineers and staff have years of experience in many arenas of specialized technology. What makes us unique is that we have a team that has designed, built, and operated major sponge plants. We have experience integrating our equipment with other systems to provide material handling, interlock protection, communication interfaces and data acquisition. PVI also has a wide range of industrial software development for PLC and PC based applications. Our people understand your process, inside and out.


We design and build world-class equipment that is used throughout the world in a range of demanding industries, from semiconductors to solar panels to aircraft-quality titanium. Our team has the experience and knowledge to develop high-quality solutions to match your unique requirements.


Customization is at the core of our business – we don’t do "off the shelf.” No two projects are the same. We don’t begin the design process until we have a clear understanding of your needs, and then we develop the specific solutions that will lead to your success.


At PVI, we want to apply our experience and success to your project. We want to help you connect your distillation vessel to your condenser. PVI will help assure your process can deliver premium rotating grade sponge. Our equipment will keep oxygen and nitrogen levels very consistent so that you have stable beta transis and other critical melt parameters. In a process that is very difficult, we want to provide you with premium equipment so that your life cycles are maximized and your maintenance needs are minimized.

Vacuum Distillation Processing Specifications


What makes us unique is that our equipment can operate up to 850°C and can handle corrosive gases (including Cl). We have experience integrating our equipment to provide material handling, interlock protection, communication interfaces, and data acquisition.

Authorized Sales Representatives



PVI Technologies is now offering VDP Solutions for Graphene and Silicon Nanowire production.