Silicon Nanowire Production Equipment

Silicon Nanowire Production

Using Chemical Vapor Deposition Process Technology

In Collaboration with

Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis

Silicon Nanowire Industry Uses & Growth

PVI’s Graphene Production System provides to solar cells, batteries / electronics and solar fuel generators. Chemical Vapor Deposition system for large-area vapor-liquid-solid catalyzed silicon microwire growth. This computer-controlled system is equipped for up to 6” wafer capacity.

Silicon Microwire Technology Using Chemical Vapor Deposition

High fatality, wafer-scale silicon microwire arrays by vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) growth

High electronic quality with well-controlled doping densities. (>>30 um carrier diffusion length. <<50 cm s-1 surface recombination velocity. 6 orders of magnitude tunability of doping concentration.) Full tunability of wire architectures and optical properties. Cheap precursors and atmospheric growth process for technology scale-up. Re-use of the Si substrates with versatile wire transfer process onto flexible polymer films.

Silicon Nanowire Production using VDP

Si Micro-wire Applications

High fatality, wafer-scale silicon microwire arrays by vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) growth

Solar Fuel Generator
Making hydrogen from sunlight and water at 10% efficiency using Si microwires

Solar Cells
Efficient and stable Si micro-wire solar cells using atmosphere pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition

Silicon Nanowire Production for Batteries and Solar Fuel Generator
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What makes us unique is that our equipment can operate up to 850°C and can handle corrosive gases (including Cl). We have experience integrating our equipment to provide material handling, interlock protection, communication interfaces, and data acquisition.

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PVI Technologies is now offering VDP Solutions for Graphene and Silicon Nanowire production.