Who Are We?


PVI is a system engineering and manufacturing company specializing in high vacuum and thermal process technologies. Since 1981, PVI engineers and technical staff have successfully designed and manufactured a wide variety of automated vacuum processing systems for the photovoltaic, flat panel display, semiconductor, aerospace, high purity material and other challenging industries.



Our world-class technical, engineering and manufacturing capabilities give us the lead in several areas of vacuum process technology. A large percentage of the systems that we manufacturer are custom designed for unique applications. PVI delivers turnkey systems and provides ongoing support for our products, worldwide.



We have developed processing systems for opto-electronic devices such as photovoltaics, fiber optics, interference filters, and aircraft canopies. We design and build equipment and systems that are used throughout the world in a range of demanding industries, from semiconductors to solar panels to rotating grade titanium. Our team has the experience and knowledge to develop high-quality solutions to match your unique process requirements.

PVI Technology manufactures thermal diffusion systems, thin film deposition, vapor distillation process, rotating grade titanium processing systems, high temperature vacuum processing equipment.

PVI is dedicated to providing our customers with the engineering and manufacturing resources and service they require to achieve the latest innovations in thin film deposition and thermal vacuum process technology.

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PVI Technologies is now offering VDP Solutions for Graphene and Silicon Nanowire production.