Since 1981, PVI engineers and technical staff have successfully designed and manufactured a wide variety of automated vacuum processing systems for the photovoltaic, flat panel display, semiconductor, aerospace, high purity material and other challenging industries. We design and build equipment and systems that are used throughout the world in a range of demanding industries, from semiconductors to solar panels to rotating grade titanium. Our team has the experience and knowledge to develop high-quality solutions to match your unique process requirements.


High Temperature Vapor Transfer Equipment

Making Connections.

Success in the world of vacuum distillation process (VDP) technology depends on the quality of the connection. Creating that connection is the heart of the process. It is the most complicated piece of the technology and means the difference between success or failure.


At PVI, we have been making that connection for years, where it has mattered the most. PVI has been involved with every major project in titanium or zirconium since the early 1990s. We have helped make the connections, keep the connections clean, and maintain the components. What makes us unique is that we have a team that has designed, built, and operated major vacuum distillation processing plants. Our people understand your process, inside
and out.


Thermal Diffusion Systems

PVI designs and manufactures thermal diffusion systems for large area CIGS photovoltaic device processing. PVI’s thermal diffusion systems are designed and manufactured to have a high degree of reliability, safety and flexibility.


Thin Film Deposition

  • In-Line, Batch and Load-Lock System Technology for Demanding Applications.
    PVI designs and manufactures leading-edge thin film deposition systems for the solar, aerospace and high purity materials processing industries.
  • Multi-Source Electron Beam Evaporation System
    The Multi-Source Electron Beam Evaporation System is designed as a versatile, high production coating system.
  • Ion Plating System
    The BAE ion plating system is designed to be reliable, easy to use and provide high performance optical coatings.
  • Laser Sealing & Ablation
    PVI designs and builds a versatile laser processing system that can be configured for various laser sealing, cutting and ablation applications.
  • UHV Bakeout Systems
    PVI’s High Temperature Vacuum Bakeout Systems are designed as a bell jar type system and can be configured with independent high and rough vacuum pumping systems.
  • Sputtering System

PVI Capabilities Brochure

PVI is dedicated to providing our customers with the engineering and manufacturing resources and service they require to achieve the latest innovations in thin film deposition and thermal vacuum process technology.

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PVI Technologies is now offering VDP Solutions for Graphene and Silicon Nanowire production.